Sweet Endorsements

Our Revolution – National

“Betsy has spent the past 40 years advocating for underserved Mainers and will continue that work in the Senate, as someone who puts the values and interests of everyday people ahead of special interest or establishment politics.”

Mike Oles, National Field Director, Our Revolution

Brand New Congress

Betsy is a fierce advocate of protecting our democracy from the corrupting influence of Big Money in politics. Her years of experience advocating for everything from LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s rights and election reforms will serve the people of Maine and this country well when she is in Washington.”

Zana Day, Communications Director, Brand New Congress

Friends of the Earth Action

“Betsy’s bold vision for solving challenges like the climate crisis and income inequality is sorely needed in the U.S. Senate. We are proud to endorse Mrs. Sweet and urge the voters of Maine to stand with her on election day.”

Erich Pica, President, Friends of the Earth Action

Justice Democrats

“We are proud to endorse Betsy as she fights for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, free college, and ending mass incarceration and deportation. This moment demands courage, strength and new leadership that is actually going to put aside political ambition, and present solutions that match the scale and urgency of the crisis we face.”

Alexandria Rojas, Executive Director, Justice Democrats

Progressive Democrats of America

“In contrast to her moderate Democratic opponent, Betsy is an outspoken advocate for Medicare for All, strong environmental policies, and has statewide name recognition from her days as a lead advocate for Maine’s groundbreaking Clean Money statute.”

Progressive Democrats of America, national team

Democracy for America

“We’re supporting Betsy Sweet on day one of her campaign because we believe she’s the inclusive populist leader that Mainers and our country need in the U.S. Senate to clean up the mess made by the Trump-Collins agenda.”

Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

Forward Thinking Democracy

Betsy has fought for equal pay, women’s rights, climate change, Medicare for All, and getting corporate money out of politics her whole life. The residents of Maine and Americans all throughout the country deserve to have a Senator like Betsy Sweet in Washington fighting for them.

Elliot Crow, Founder, Forward Thinking Democracy

Blue America

The last thing Maine needs to elect is another mediocre politician who eschews real leadership. Betsy has been advocating for Mainers, vigorously, for 37 years. We were proud to endorse her because she supports Medicare for All, a Green New Deal and has a plan for how to get money–we call it bribes–out of politics.” 

Howie Klein, Blue America

Women for Justice – Northeast

“Betsy has demonstrated her commitment to economic and social justice for all people. She doesn’t take corporate campaign contributions, and as one of the authors of Maine’s Clean Elections System, she exemplifies the kind of commitment we need to get big money out of politics and our government.

Women for Justice, Northeast Region

American Progressives in STEM

“As a supporter of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and free higher education, we know that Betsy is committed to the policies we find so crucial in creating an America that promotes justice for ALL.”

American Progressives in STEM

Local Berniecrats Logo

Local Berniecrats – Maine

“We endorse Betsy because she doesn’t take big money and has a history of fighting for the people of Maine.”

Local Berniecrats – Maine

Rep. Mike Sylvester

“I am endorsing Betsy Sweet because we need a Senator who puts the well being of everyday Mainers above the profits of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, or the convenient politics of the moment. Betsy and I have both fought for a public system where everyone is in and nobody is out. Every Mainer deserves healthcare.”

Rep. Mike Sylvester, ME-39

Susan Sarandon

We need leaders who will make sure that we’re ready for the what’s ahead and in the next crisis beyond. [We need] advocates for Medicare for All, Paid Sick Leave, Paid Family Medical Leave, and Fair Drug Prices. That’s why we need Betsy in the Senate.”

Susan Sarandon

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Marianne Williamson

“All of us can help retire Susan Collins. We have a great progressive alternative in Betsy Sweet, who has spent her life advocating for the people of Maine and against money in politics.”

Marianne Williamson

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Sunrise maine

“It’s time for the Democratic Party to put corporate interests aside and back a visionary candidate who will put people first….we need a candidate who represents more than business-as-usual, lesser-of-two evils politics. We need a candidate like Betsy Sweet or Bre Kidman.” 

Sunrise Maine

The Portland Phoenix

We endorse Sweet because we feel she would be a senator with strong, clear beliefs, and a keen ability to present the case for the structural change that this country needs. She has a 37-year record in Maine as an activist and advocate and is blessed with natural leadership ability.”

The Portland Phoenix Editorial Board