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Betsy Sweet on Conversations with Rob podcast

We can only flip the senate if we win this senate seat in Maine, and we have an opportunity to do it with a real progressive.

Activist Betsy Sweet aims to useat Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins

Mainers want a Senator who represents them, not special interests and Washington, D.C. lobbyists.

Betsy Sweet: ‘Medicare for All’ is the only solution to the U.S. health care crisis

Medicare for All is not a pie-in-the-sky idea. It is simply transforming our current health care system – one that we are all currently paying for in multiple ways – into one where no one has to decide between paying rent and seeing a doctor.

Bates Democrats’ Conversation With Betsy Sweet

Bates Democrats’ Conversation With Betsy Sweet

Sweet’s mission at the statehouse has been to expand democracy, which is what motivates her to run in this election as well. In 1996, she helped write a bill to create clean elections in Maine through a public financing system that takes corporate money and influence out of politics.

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Brand New Congress endorses Betsy Sweet for U.S. Senate

“Betsy Sweet exemplifies what BNC stands for,” said Zana Day, communications director for BNC. “She is a fierce advocate of protecting our democracy from the corrupting influence of Big Money in politics, and she has decades of experience advocating for everything from LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s rights and election reforms.”

Progressive Democrats of America endorse Betsy Sweet for U.S. Senate

“In contrast to her moderate Democratic opponent, Betsy is an outspoken advocate for Medicare for All, strong environmental policies, and has statewide name recognition from her days as a lead advocate for Maine’s groundbreaking Clean Money statute,” said PDA.

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