Betsy Sweet hosts daily Facebook Live conversations with voters during COVID-19 pandemic

Sweet: Candidates and current elected officials have a responsibility to be available
and responsive to their constituents

PORTLAND, MAINE — In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a statewide shelter in place order, U.S. Senate candidate Betsy Sweet has begun hosting livestreams as a way to connect with Mainers, discuss the latest coronavirus-related developments both locally and nationally, and to answer questions from voters.

“The most important thing voters need to know is how a candidate will govern in normal times and in times of crisis,” said Sweet. “With our current crisis, we have seen elected officials who have risen to the challenge and others who continue to deny our new reality while offering bailouts to corporations with no strings attached. I want everyone to know, I choose to rise.”

WHAT: Livestreams with Betsy
WHEN: Daily, approximately 30 minutes each
WHO: U.S. Senate Candidate Betsy Sweet

Sweet has moved all campaign operations to digital formats, and she’s receiving positive feedback daily.

“It’s important right now to remember what we’re fighting for,” said Sweet. “I don’t take a run for office lightly, and when I see the devastation this pandemic has caused and will continue to cause, I know it is my duty to stand up for Mainers. We need Medicare for All. We need paid family leave. We need to support each other.”

Sweet has committed to using her platform as a leading candidate in the race to defeat Susan Collins to educate, inform and support Mainers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Betsy’s daily livestreams are an opportunity for her to lead by example,” said campaign manager Michael Rosenow. “She is committed to following social distancing and stay-at-home orders and to keeping her own family as well as all families in Maine as safe as possible.”And she leads us, daily, to look for the lessons and policy implications that this crisis is pointing to that will set the agenda for us recovering from this pandemic in our economic and government systems.”

In addition to her 37 years of experience advocating for the people of Maine, Sweet stands out in her race as having worked on and helped pass critical legislation in Maine, including the first family medical leave act in the country as well as Maine’s Clean Elections Act.

Sweet is endorsed by several progressive organizations including Our Revolution, Friends of the Earth Action, Brand New Congress, Progressive Democrats for America, Democracy for America, Justice Democrats.

A former director of the Maine Women’s Lobby and the Maine Commission for Women, as well as a small business owner, Sweet has spent her career advocating for people with disabilities, the elderly, women, children, and low-income individuals and families. She gained statewide prominence in 2018, when she ran in the Democratic primary for Governor. Sweet was the only person to run as a clean elections candidate, and she helped write and pass the 1996 Maine Clean Election Act.