U.S. Senate Candidate Betsy Sweet endorses Bernie Sanders for President

PORTLAND, ME  – Maine U.S. Senate Candidate Betsy Sweet today announced her endorsement of Bernie Sanders for President. 

Sweet spoke about her endorsement of the Democratic frontrunner today at Sanders’ campaign headquarters in Portland.

“We need a visionary leader who Inspires us and will galvanize us to make the impossible, possible,” Sweet said in an email to supporters this afternoon. “I believe Bernie Sanders is that person.”

Sweet’s platform mirrors that of the Vermont Senator in her support for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal and getting money out of politics. 

“When I look back at the causes I have fought for, the big changes I knew we could make possible, the vision for an inclusive future, Bernie has been there at every twist and turn fighting alongside me,” she continued in the email. “Political pundits like to say that our proposals for a better future are crazy pipe dreams or not possible. But We, the People have a different idea.   We the People know what we need to change, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

With Maine’s primary just days away, Sweet also acknowledged the talented field of Democratic presidential hopefuls, noting that she will whoever ends up with the nomination.

“There are many qualified candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination,” she wrote. “I wish we had ranked choice voting in the presidential primary so I could vote for Bernie number one and Warren number two. But Bernie Sanders is the candidate exciting a new generation of voters and bringing people who have given up on ‘politics as usual’ back into the democratic process. And poll after poll shows that Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump.  

“Just like the Gubernatorial primary in 2018, regardless of who wins, I pledge to work my heart out for the eventual Democratic nominee.”

Noting the importance of her own race and those of progressive candidates across the country, Sweet pledged to work with Sanders to achieve their shared vision.

“When he is president, Bernie will need a Congress to execute his vision,” she wrote.
“I have the skills and experience to build coalitions and pass laws. As a U.S. Senator, I will fight alongside Bernie for a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, eliminating student debt.”

Sweet is endorsed by several progressive organizations including Friends of the Earth, Brand New Congress, Progressive Democrats for America, Democracy for America, Justice Democrats.

A former director of the Maine Women’s Lobby and the Maine Commission for Women, as well as a small business owner, Sweet has spent her career advocating for people with disabilities, the elderly, women, children, and low-income individuals and families. She gained statewide prominence in 2018, when she ran in the Democratic primary for Governor. Sweet was the only person to run as a clean elections candidate, and she helped write and pass the 1996 Maine Clean Election Act.  For more information visit betsysweet.com.